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Privacy Policy


What information do we collect?
No personal information is captured, collected, or sent from this device. This inlcudes the user's name, address, date of birth, phone number, age, gender, or other personal data.
Analytical data that is relevant to how the application operates or functions may be captured and sent for futher analysis.


How do we use information collected, captured, or sent?
Collected or captured data may be analyzed and used to improve the quality and usability of the software or instructional methods only.

Collected or captured data may be analyzed and used to improve the instructional activity scaffold to improve the instructional experience.

Collected or captured data may be analyzed and used to better support the player's needs.


Disclosure to third parties
Collected or captured data is not sold. traded, or disclosed to third parties.


By using this application you agree to our privacy policy.


COPPA Compliance
COPPA stands for the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and includes certain obligations for apps directed to children under the age of 13 (Child Apps). Apps designated as Child Apps have different data collection requirements than data collected from apps that aren't designated as Child Apps.

Analytical data may be gathered by this app. An anonymized user ID is generated for each user. None of these IDs generated in Child Apps are used to track users across apps built by other developers or t map users to different services, devices. or browsers on the same computer. In additon to these IDs, the following information is collected form Child App users: IP address, identifiers for advertisers (IDFA is only collected if Unity Ads is enabled), and device identifiers (IDFV, android device ID, IMEI if the android device IDis unavailable).

Use of personal information identified above is limited to providing app-level analyatics for analyzing and reporting anonymized and aggregrate-level information abuot devices, apps, and the game industry. For example, the percentage of devices using a certain operating system or the percentage of devices by region. This aggregate-level data contains no personal information.
It is possible that information about a user may be used to serve contextual advertising within that Child App.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union (EU) law regulating the data privacy of EU citizens. Analytical data may be collected to improve the user's experience with ads and applicatin use. Some of that data includes personally identifiable information (PII) regulated under GDPR. You are able to opt out of the PII collection and to manage the personal data that is collected (a button in-app provides the means to set GDPR options).


Third party data collection
Unity is a third party which collects data when using the application. Unity collects data for advertising and analytics. Unity analytics is used to collect and analyze data sent for analysis. For more information about Unity and their provacy policies is available at: and


Analytical Data
This applcation may gather analytical data. An anonymized user ID is generated for each user using the app. Personally identifiable information is not sent as part of the analytical data.


Changes to this policy
Changes to this policy will be posted to this page.


Policy Last Updated
The Privacy Policy was last updated June 17, 2020.


Contact Us
You can contact us through the Contact Us web page.

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