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Number Hunters


Run around. Collect numbers. Put them in order.


Number Hunters creates an instructional activity for number sequence, an important skill for addition and subtraction. The activity consists of the player collecting number placed in the world then ordering them in the correct sequence.



  • put numbers from 1 to 10 in order

  • progressively harder number sequences to order

  • two sets of number sequences: one set begins at 1, the second set begins with a randomly generated number from 3 to 7

  • randomly generated number sequence lengths ranging from 3 to 7 numbers

  • 20 progressively demanding activities that challenges the player's knowledge of number sequences and forces the player to think about which number comes next

  • the last level 


Number Hunters uses simple to complex sequencing to present challenging instructional activities. Simple to complex sequencing starts with simple activities where the learner is presented with simple number sequences to order. As the learner moves up in levels, the sequences get harder to order. In the early activities the sequences begin with the number 1 and have a random length of 3 to 7 digits. In the intermediate and final activities, starting number sequences start at a random number from 1 to 7 and are a random length of 3 to 7 digits.


Number Hunters fades from worked examples to completion problems and then full problems. Each major instructional activity starts with examples of which number comes next in the sequence, worked examples. Minor instructional activites slowly remove these aids, so that the learner must refelct about which number comes next in the sequence so that they can complete the sequence, completion problems. Finally the last minor activity has the learner work through the complete number sequence with only the first number in the sequence presented to them. The final major activity requires the learner to solve number sequences on their own, little help is given. 


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