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Number Hunters - Coming Soon
Available on all Apple iPad models

Run around. Collect numbers. Put them in sequence.


Number Hunters is in final stages of testing. It will be available via Apple's App Store.


Press play to learn.

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Let's Print - In Development

Let's Printis currently in development. It will available on all Apple iPad models.


Let's Print is an instructional activity for children to learn how to print the English alphabet. The activity has the child form numbers on a touch surface device using either their finger or a touch stylus. Activities range from letter tracing to freehand printing.


Press play to learn.

Number Tiles - In Development

Number Tiles is currently in development It will be available on al Apple iPad models.


Number Tiles is an instructional activity that build number correspondance skills. Number correspondance skills relate picture groups, numbers, and number words so that the child discovers the relationship between how many objects are in a picture, the corresponding number representation, and the word. For ex. two balls, the number 2, and the word two.


Press play to learn.

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